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An invaluable guide to rehearsing, directing and performing ensemble music of all kinds by William Lloyd & Paul Terry. Topics include selecting repertoire, leading and conducting, rehearsal techniques, jazz and pop groups, working with voices, interpretation and performance. There is advice on rehearsal planning, creating jazz routines, learning scores, microphone techniques and warm-ups. ISBN: 978-0951721438. 64-page paperback.

It does its job superbly well: clear, concise, very much to the point and also thoroughly useful. (Journal of the Music Masters Association)

A mine of useful information. (The Musical Times)

Common sense advice … well designed and practical. (Times Educational Supplement)

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A complete guide to MIDI sequencing by William Lloyd & Paul Terry. 20 complete pieces to record, ranging from Bach to the Blues, Gershwin to the Muppets. Music in Sequence contains a host of tips on playing, editing and voicing. It also covers synthesizer techniques, writing drum patterns and bass riffs, using MIDI controllers, quantization and much more. ISBN: 978-0951721407. 112-page music-size paperback.

A brilliant, unique book. Highly recommended. (Sound on Sound)

The answer to the struggling sequencer user's prayers … well defined with a clean layout (Home & Studio Recording)

… bringing together elements of conventional and computer-based musical composition … a "must have" for musicians (The Mix)

… recipes for pieces ranging from Bach to the Muppets … an impressive array of purely musical topics (Music Teacher magazine)

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A source book for MIDI sequencing by William Lloyd & Paul Terry. A treasury of favourite classical scores combined with a range of more advanced sequencing and editing techniques. There are also sections to show how sampling, effects units and voice editing can help to produce fresh and exciting versions of 29 pieces, including music from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Carmina Burana, Flight of the Bumble-Bee, Rossini's overture to The Italian Girl in Algiers, and Steve Reich's Piano Phase. ISBN: 978-0951721414. 112-page music-size paperback.

Arrangements which are excellent … makes classical music accessable … absorbing way to excercise your sequencer (Keyboard Player)

Not only are these books informative, they're great fun … you'll gain an insight into the music itself (Keyboard Review)

Plenty of tips on entering note data … polishing up the sequencer's performance … voicing … effects. (Future Music)

Lucid instructions for setting-up a sequencing studio … emphasis is on musical understanding … heartily recommend (MMA Journal)

A variety of classical pieces you can sequence, plus loads of hints & tips on getting an authentic orchestral effect (Sound on Sound)

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We regret that Rock in Sequence and The Studio Musician's Jargonbuster by Godric Wilkie are out-of-print and no longer available from us.
Second-hand copies occasionally appear on Amazon (check by clicking either image above) and other websites.